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The all-in-one solution to leverage and grow your business, Trichome Club is a safe place for cannabis experts and cultivators (just like you) looking to achieve the highest return on investment. We’re here to guide you through the process every step of the way. Even after your business reaches legal status and is ready to roll, we’re still here to help. Along with collaborating with your fellow expert members, you’ll succeed and profit through our extensive network, save money, reach compliance, and receive discounted and reliable services. Our club will also host events to help you connect with future customers, provide you with national recognition for your hard work and achievements, and give you access to a hub of dispensaries, distributors, and manufacturers.


By joining the Trichome Club, you set yourself up for success. How? By gaining the best opportunities and products (including tagging and tracking, lighting systems, security software and equipment, legal teams, etc.) to build, expand, and maintain your business while staying compliant. A network of fellow cannabis professionals are at your fingertips to help your business scale and profit each step of the way. With our club’s regional chapters, you can reach out to even more experts across the country for valuable advice and knowledge. Think about it like this—the Trichome Club is a large family with a small town feel that will always have your back.

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Rest assured, we’ll help you understand the nitty gritty details of those compliance laws and keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest technologies. We’ve partnered with one of the best cloud-based compliance platforms that you can take full advantage of as a Trichome Club member. As part of our family, you’ll gain access to a large group of key partners and direct connections to each regional chapter in the country. If there’s a hurdle you’re facing, chances are that someone in our club has experienced it and can share their knowledge. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, talk to us and let’s get the welcome party started.


At the Trichome Club, you’re not alone—we’ll help you find the solutions to your roadblocks (and fast!) The opportunity to join a family of cannabis professionals starts now. Our membership includes discounted services and connections to expand your geographic footprint. From branding professionals to gaining access to the most advanced technology on the market, you’ll increase profits, improve productivity, boost your reputation, and quickly gain back your return on investment, guaranteed. Each of our club members are here to help one another thrive in their businesses. Join the Trichome family today and experience all the benefits of belonging to a group of like-minded professionals and business owners.

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