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As a group of cannabis professionals, Trichome Club has a wealth of collective knowledge and experiences to share through our members. Here’s a look at what we can do to help you and your business.

Compliance & Testing

Seed to Sale

We’ve partnered with one of the best cloud-based compliance platforms that seamlessly works alongside industry operators—including growers, distributors, processors, and merchants—so you can easily, safely, and legally do business. At Trichome Club, we’ll help you learn the ropes.


Discounts are offered to our members from recommended and vetted testing facilities.



Find the best CPA for your accounting needs that best fits your business and situation.


Gain access to a network of lawyers specializing in the cannabis industry.



Get the right message across and create a brand identity that fuels your daily interactions with your employees and your clients. We’ve partnered with branding professionals to help you design and establish your logo, website, and social media platforms. A strong brand speaks volumes about what your customers and the rest of the cannabis industry can expect. Trust us, we’ll make sure to set your business up for success.

Website Design

Make the right first impression with an eye-popping website that leaves your customers wanting to explore everything you have to offer. As a member of our club, you can seek the help of our expert web design team. Your website is your biggest asset and the ambassador of your cannabis brand, services, products and culture. We’ll help you look your best online, so you can focus on being real and doing what you do best.


Buy the best discounted merchandise from a variety of our member partners.


Video Monitoring

When it comes to security, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. At Trichome Club, we’ll help you find and integrate the best video monitoring system for your business. From complete interior and exterior equipment to after hours monitoring on every camera and advanced analytics, you’ll cover all the bases in no time.

Security Software Analytics & VEMS

At Trichome Club, we offer the best in-class systems designed to help facilities gain access to the latest video and security information at any given time. We can help you set up the right systems so 24/7 monitoring is easy and secure. Intuitive, flexible, and customizable, these systems can easily be integrated into multiple devices on a single interface while providing you with the best security and operation solutions for your business.

Security Equipment

Your business deserves the best systems in place. We offer all the equipment needed to become compliant or to take your business to the next level. As a new member, a Member Sponsor will guide you every step of the way towards the best possible solutions for what you want to accomplish. From facial recognition to thermal cameras, we can give you access to any level of security equipment to support your growing business.

Security and Technology Integrators

Opt from our vetted professional installation teams who are ready to help with end-to-end design, install, and integrating systems.


Post Grow Consulting

Enlist us to fix your struggling grow. We can conduct a full analysis of your cultivation, identify issues, and create a plan to turn your grow around and make it healthy and profitable.


Take advantage of our vetted consultants and their services including licensing, business and compliance audits, permits, design, and financial planning.


Let us be the gateway so you can connect with others for free advice, partnership opportunities, joint advertising, event planning, and new friends in the industry. Keep up-to-date on important topics and news through our weekly blog and podcast.

Real Estate & Construction

Property Finder

Take the weight of building your business off your shoulders because Trichome Club is here to guide you through the rough patches, one step at a time. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, rent, or lease a retail dispensary, cultivation land/warehouse, testing lab, or a distribution and manufacturing location, we’ll help you find the property that matches your needs and criteria.

General Contractors

Collaborate with a member who will build your facility from the ground up.

Selling & Investing

Franchise Opportunities

Open your own grow and cultivate a top shelf strain with full training and consultation.


Reach out to a member manufacturer and get the best prices on high quality products. We can connect you to the right member with any product you need so your business runs smoothly and profits.


Seek out investment opportunities, dollars, and professional help with our network of vetted member investors.

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