Alain Boisvert

Alain Boisvert is currently VP of International Sales at Inaxsys Security Systems.

M.Boisvert brings a wealth of leadership, vision and insights on technology to the Inaxsys group. Before becoming VP of Sales. M.Boisvert held down a number of roles for Inaxsys the past 10 years. One of which he is very proud of is being the senior product manager. He is responsible for exponentially growing the Inaxsys products to its current successful status.

Prior to joining Inaxsys M.Boisvert held down sales positions in the security industry since 1996 working for companies such as Honeywell, ADT, Simplex and Protectron. Always exceeding expectations with teamwork and great work ethic.

You can say Security has always been part of M.Boisvert’s work life. He acquired the security experience by joining Honeywell in 1986 as a central monitoring agent before sales and management would become his calling. M.Boisvert has always said Honeywell was a great school to learn making us apply structure, responsibility , hard work and ethics.

M.Boisvert is a Montreal native and Dawson University alumnus. M.Boisvert earned his degree in Professional Photography in 1986.

M.Boisvert travels a lot for the current job but still finds and spends precious time with his wife, 3 kids and 2 grandchildren. When he can, he will enjoy live sports, concerts and play golf.