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Our mission at Trichome Club is to bring together the cream of the crop. At Trichome Club, we’re a network of cannabis connectors—and we’re family. We’ll stand together, figure out the roadblocks you’re dealing with along the way, and make history while growing the future of the cannabis industry.

Whether you grow, manufacture, distribute, or own a dispensary, we’re the club that’s got your back. From uncovering the right opportunities for you, to the journey towards compliance or expanding your business, you’ll receive expert advice, grow your profits, and have a voice in your back pocket when you need it the most.

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Chief Executive Officer

Jontae James

Co-founder of Bluntli, a digital licensing first in the Cannabis industry. Jontae is an innovative entrepreneur, big on creating enterprise solutions that address real world problems. Action-oriented with a strong ability to communicate effectively with executive, consumer and business audiences. Jontae has over 15 years in SaaS sales and marketing.

real estate broker

Dana Wallace

Dana Wallace is not your average real estate broker. Although she has over sixteen years of experience in the typical aspects of investment real estate sales, her unique niche is anything but traditional.

Dana is the owner of 420estates.net, a firm that specializes in legally compliant cannabis properties. Recognizing this underserved market and the increasing acceptance of cannabis usage, she has positioned herself to be the cannabis community’s trusted broker. Unlike other brokers, Dana understands the industry and works with integrity to find compliant facilities.

Regional Sales Manager

Eric Vorbeck

Eric grew up in a small town in Southern Oregon and after college in Weed CA and Sacramento State he played baseball professionally in the minor league system for 3 years. Eric is married with five children and lives in the greater Sacramento area. Eric believes and lives by the statement that “anything is possible and everything matters” so enjoy the journey.


Shane Stoltenberg

Shane Stoltenberg is the founder and Director of construction at Point One Electrical Systems where he establishes, builds and maintains relationships with end users and decision makers. He has organically grown throughout the industry starting as an apprentice field installation technician, climbing the ladder to project manager and now successfully the owner of Point One Electrical Systems. With more than 20 years of experience, Shane provides the highest quality of projects specializing in security, access control, video surveillance and fire alarm systems.

Alain Boisvert

Alain Boisvert is currently VP of International Sales at Inaxsys Security Systems.

M.Boisvert brings a wealth of leadership, vision and insights on technology to the Inaxsys group. Before becoming VP of Sales. M.Boisvert held down a number of roles for Inaxsys the past 10 years. One of which he is very proud of is being the senior product manager. He is responsible for exponentially growing the Inaxsys products to its current successful status.

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